With a Heavy Heart

Yehuda had his whole life ahead of him. On Sunday evening, Yehuda Guetta of Jerusalem, neither armed nor in uniform, was shot in the head by a Palestinian terrorist as he waitied for the bus with friends. Yehuda succumbed to his injuries late Wednesday evening.  “We were fortunate to part with him properly, and that he stayed with us a few more days,” said his mother, Milka. Yehuda was a student in the Yeshiva Hesder Track at the Itamar Yeshiva, a joint program for Torah Studies and mandatory military service.
Yehuda has been described by family and friends as a kind, sensitive, quiet, and gentle person. He was extremely talented and smart. He did everything quickly, seriously and determinedly with lots of love.
Jonathan Pollard eulogized Yehuda –  “I’m a simple Jew, and I never expected to come home after 30 years and be faced with this kind of tragedy,” Pollard said. “I hoped and prayed that my own sacrifice would prevent this kind of tragedy. The evil that took Yehuda has a power that is incredible. It doesn’t cease, it doesn’t stop, it shows no pity, it shows no remorse. But we do. And that’s why we come here, to say ‘shalom’ to Yehuda. “We must make a resolution now that this stops. This can’t go on any longer. I don’t want to see this kind of tragedy happen again,” Pollard added.

Yehuda leaves behind a loving mother, father and 6 siblings.

OneFamily is devastated and heartbroken over Yehuda’s murder. We stand with the Guetta Family during this difficult time.
May they know no more pain.  May his family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

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