Building a Dream

Our newest initiative, Building a Dream, is the vision of another victim, a bereaved sister named Merav. Merav came to realize through her own grief, that bereavement takes a long term/ permanent toll on the victims’ very core. Terror victims’ capacity to have confidence in themselves is deeply damaged, and the resulting emotional instability wreaks havoc on relationships, family, and careers. Dreams and aspirations are shattered by the victims own incapacity to hold good thoughts, and to persist towards the goal, and to persist towards a goal. The “Build a Dream” program is a therapeutic life-coaching program which offers 150 participants (ages 18-35) the opportunity to dream a dream. The outcomes will include the building of self-esteem and movement towards a life of self-actualization. OneFamily Psychologists and other specialised professionals will coach each and every participant individually and within a group setting, to dream their dreams, and create a realistic plan for future success. 

This year-long program launched on January 13, 2021, when Yuval Abramovitch, a victim of paralysis, author and motivational speaker, encouraged OneFamily victims of terror to overcome their challenges and follow their dreams.

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