There is no Vaccine for their Pain!

Thank you to all those who participated in our latest campaign “There is No Vaccine for Their Pain”. Thank you for being our partners, thank you to the thousands of donors, and thank you to the hundreds of ambassadors who helped spread our mission! We are in awe of how everyone pulled together as ONE for the victims of terror and their families. Without you, none of this would be possible! We will continue to defeat terror and give hope to victims, one day at a time!

Here at OneFamily, we understand loss, grief & trauma, and have made our mission to help the survivors of terror heal and eventually flourish. The Crowdfunding Campaign has enabled us to continue our extensive therapeutic programs and financial assistance for the bereaved parents, bereaved siblings, bereaved children, orphans of both parents, widows and widowers and the injured.

Watch the behind the scenes of our latest music video Sufa with Famous Israeli singer and songwriter Amir Benayoun, along with his child protege daughter Naomi sing along side victims of terror. For those of us who have not experienced what terror survivors go through, the lyrics of the song mirror the emotional struggle felt by Israel’s victims of terror every day, and give us a glimpse of an extraordinary level of suffering that we can’t truly imagine… the feeling of drowning with grief and trauma.

Read about us in the news!

PM Netanyahu Meets with Representatives of “One Family” | Prime Minister’s Office (

Israel National News – Watch: Amir Benayoun & daughter sing alongside terror victims

Netanyahu meets with OneFamily, discusses cost of terror in Israel – The Jerusalem Post (

Israel National News – Watch: Behind the scenes of the inspiring clip Sufa

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