Weathering the storm Together, with OneFamily

“With you, I know how not to end myself.” These are lyrics to the remade song entitled “Sufa” (Storm, in Hebrew). Terror victims associate those words with their OneFamily. Sometimes, a OneFamily phone call or visit is what it takes for a victim of terror to be able to breathe again, and get through their day; to head down that long road to recovery. With You (OneFamily), I know how to love myself time and time again…

Famous Israeli singer and songwriter named Amir Benayoun, along with his child protege daughter Naomi, volunteered his time to remake the video of his 2015 hit song “Sufa.”  The new version of Sufa is dedicated to Israel’s victims of terror, some of whom sing with Amir and Naomi in the video. It was released just in time for our Worldwide Campaign to raise funds for this precious population. 

For those of us who have not experienced what terror survivors go through, the lyrics of the song mirror the emotional struggle felt by Israel’s victims of terror every day, and give us a glimpse of an extraordinary level of suffering that we can’t truly imagine… the feeling of drowning with grief and trauma.

A storm shook the hearts of terror victims. Their lives changed forever. The invisible wound and the emotional scars accompany them throughout their journey of life. But they are not alone. The Ship will not sink. The waves are high and threatening, but we are not frightened. OneFamily will sail with them, reaching out and stabilizing the ship. Navigating with them and loving them, just as they are. Believing in their strength to weather the storm. Guiding them to love themselves, believe in themselves, and to sail forward.

 Partner with us to support victims in their grief, teach them new skills of resilience, and give them the opportunity to flourish in a new reality- post trauma.
Your help today can truly ease their personal storm; brighten their day…and your own, by donating generously now!

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